Family collective
Standing together, loving one another, believing we can make life better for all
What is Family Collective?
This is a project founded to give families opportunities to take a stand against the isolation fostered by capitalism, by providing opportunities for families to reconnect with one another and build relationships with other families with similar core values. We believe that all people of all ages are inherently good and that in an ideal society, this would not be hard to remember. However, in our stressed environments, we find that regular, pop-up and online hangs help us reset our sense of ease and love with one another.
Standing together
Family Collective is a place to be yourself and find honest connections with others in a community based in support. We aim to not judge, rather listen and learn. To not compare or shame, rather to accept and understand.
Ending Oppression
We are a family-based group striving to create opportunities for family units to be spaces of anti-oppressive, feminist lead, inherent values-based homes from which all family members grow rather than the often oppressive structures that reinforce societal oppressions within families.
Righting our World
We work together and alongside one another to end systemic oppressions and make our society more fair, loving and just. We host events of all sorts - for grown ups, children and families, to help work towards our ideals.
Our actitvities
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Book Club for Moms
Family Dinners
Pop-Up Events
Social Activitism
Weekend Playshops
no reading required :)
Winter/Spring 2018 Bookclub Theme: Racism
Details coming soon. Register for email list to learn more.
No need to read - Gather, discuss, share and learn
Feminist Book Club for Moms
No Reading Required!
Residency at New Women Space
No Reading Required
We don't all have time to read. That's ok. No reading required at this bookclub. Instead each month we will hear a summary of the book. Then we will have a facilitated discussion allowing us to think through the information as it relates to our lives and values. The goal is to help us feel a little more informed, relaxed and in-charge when leading our families. We aim to have fun and build connections along the way.

How we pick the books: Books are chosen that help clarify the reader's values and offer perspectives in alignment with our overall vision. When possible, books are written by women and trans* authors, authors of color, and are available on in addition to in print.

Welcoming all Femme-Identified Parents
Moms, women, trans* parents and non-binary moms - you are all welcome. This book group title uses the word Mom to add power to and prioritize non cis-male parents in our discussions about parenting since all too often male-identified people are visibly in-charge of family dynamics. When femme people gather to share ideas and discuss relevant issues, often that added support can contribute to righting this injustice in families. Our hope is that these book club discussions help contribute to the goal that all families members are respected and empowered - children and parents of all genders.
Our Fall 2017 Reading List

October - How our Children's Brains Work
Book: The Whole Brain Child by Daniel J. Siegel MD and Tina Payne Bryson PhD
Book club date: Sunday October 15, 4-6pm *Note: Changed from Oct 8*
Register: Oct Book Club Registration
Book club summary notes: Whole Brain Child Notes

November - Raising Sexually Healthy Children
Book: From Diapers to Dating by Debra Haffner
Book club date: Saturday November 12, 10am - noon
Register: Nov Book Club Registration
Book club summary notes: Diapers to Dating - The Zine

December - Discipline and Rules
Book: No Drama Discipline by Daniel Siegel*
Book club date: Saturday December 16, 10am - 12:30pm**
Register: Dec Book Club Registration
Notes: coming soon

January - Navigating Technology
Book: Screen Smart Parenting by Jodi Gold
Book club date: Saturday January 21, 10am - 12:30pm
Register: Jan Book Club Registration
Our Spring 2018 Reading List
February - Parents Make Books, about Sexuality
A surprise: This month, we will make the books guided by Amanda Finuccio
Book club date: Sunday February 18, 10am - 12:30pm
Register: February Book Club Registration
See book examples and info about Amanda: Parents Make Books

March - Education and Play

Book: Play: How It Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination, and Invigorates the Soul by Stuart Brown
Book club date: Sunday March 25, 10am - 12:30pm
Register: March Book Club Registration

April - Talking about Race
Book: So You Want To Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo
Book club date: Sunday April 22, 10am - 12:30pm
Register Now Open: April Book Club Registration

[Postponed until the Fall] - Gender Identity, Gender Roles, and more
Book: Parenting Beyond Pink & Blue: How to Raise Your Kids Free of Gender Stereotypes by Christia Spears Brown
Book club date: TBD
Register: coming soon

June - Resiliency

Book: Rising Strong, by Brene Brown
Book club date: Sunday June 10, 10am - 12:30pm
Register: June Book Club Registration

Location and Other Info
  • Location: New Women Space, 188 Woodpoint Rd. • Brooklyn, NY, 11211
  • Food: We have light snacks. We invite you to bring coffee and food with you for your self or your child(ren), should any accompany you.
  • Who attends? We are generally a group of 5-12 parents of infants through middle school age, although parents of any age children are welcome. We also welcome other significant caregivers such as grandparents, nannies and close family members.
  • Babysitting: The book club meets upstairs in the lounge and downstairs is a safe, open area with high quality, loving and fun childcare for your children. If you're interested in babysitting, email in advance so we can plan ahead - We usually have 2-5 children, generally under three years old, and two babysitters. We can not guarantee space for walk-in babysitting.
    • Children joining during the discussion: Your very young ones are welcome to be with you during the book club - nursing, in your arms, in strollers. Older children are also welcome in the discussion if you both are comfortable with that. You are also welcome to plan on using babysitting but bring them up with you as they need.
    • Try it! If you'd like to come and try the babysitting or having your child with you, please do. No pressure to stay if it's not working
Friday Night Family Dinners
Planned chances to unwind from the week with one another.

Currently there are no Friday Night Dinners scheduled.
Keep an eye out for an announcement.
Weekend PlayShops
We get away from our daily lives to deepen our connections with our family and build new relationships through exploration, rest and play. Some retreats have a focus while others are open. All are organized within an anti-racist, anti-oppression and feminist leadership model.
Next Retreat:
Spring 2019 - date tbd...Check back soon.
Join us in the Catskills. Hearty country breakfast, your choice of a room that best works for your family, and workshops for all ages around family building and political resistance in today's society. Check back shortly for dates and more information.
Pop Up Events
We have various pop-up events in response to need and interest. A book talk for grown ups about parenting issues, an outing for the family, a play opportunity for children. Currently we have a book club series at New Women Space.

You can learn about new opportunities by signing up for the mailing list and checking back regularly.
Social Activism
The underpinnings of this work is the belief in social justice and commitment to ending oppression through intersectional work that centers young people. You can join up with us to attend different protests, marches and teach-ins. We also gather in other ways that are part of supporting and furthering the movement. We are always looking for new ways to be involved and to support our fellow families in this work.

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